Ethereal Beauty

I watch her as behind her eyes go beyond illuminated, dancing 
With mischief and mirth freed from their hiding place 
For now she is free to be, as simple or complex as that makes her 
She is only allowed this time by sheer chance 
Yet I see her essence escape and glide effortlessly 
Talking, laughing, dancing in her most ethereal form 
I ache to tell her that this self needs to be made free without censure 
Know she wouldn’t believe me and tamp her flames down to nothing  
So I watch
And it is a joyful sight 
But a tiny part of me cries, knowing that this part of her is hostage 
Only because she is told to keep it hidden from sight 
She sees ordinary, I watch a rare beauty a natural beauty 
I told her once she was beautiful and she thought I mocked her 
Then it dawned I meant my words and she said I was kind 
But she really knew 
Her limits didn’t include beauty 
I don’t know if she fully believed when I told her she was truly beautiful 
When she allows her spirit freedom her beacon shines
Maybe that’s what he’s afraid of? 
He’s terrified of something 



The Beckoning

I follow the cavernous pathway down below the core
Leading to where I do not know nor if return is possible
The unseen spectres around brush my face familiarly
Still I press on, to what I am unable to say
Follow the woman who has told me to come here urgently
And I am asked for reasons why I am here
But my answer is not forthcoming yet
Stammering as I stagger on afraid and half crazed with fear
I am loathing something as a sly tongue asks
And you what right have you to be here attend my realm
I cannot reply not possessing a ready answer
I stop trying to puzzle and fumble ahead
Following only my gut call of where on the rocks to tread
My head bursts forth with an answer that shocks me
Fuck it, I will be here,  am here and you have no case
Nothing to answer just live with it or don’t
But I am here to stay whatever….

© AilsaCawley Poetry 2015

Twisting on the hook

The woman extracts casually what she needs as he watches in fear 
You must know it was harmless….he begins
To whom? Her eyebrow arches as no reply is heard
Pulling the cloak tighter she says quietly people can be broken 
There is a price to be paid, when we carelessly cause hurt, 
The scales weigh and measure the blackened removed heart 
You expect to hurt, cause pain, destroy and casually stroll away? 
His mouth opens and closes like a goldfish in a bowl, but no words 
What I have here barely covers the amount required to mend your damage 
So how do I get recompense? Her blackened nails tap finely on her chin 
She stands a slight woman, and smiles in a way he cannot comprehend  
What appears to be a ball of fire barrels forth from her widened jaws 
Freezing cold it hits him, where he is twisting on the hook and he is still now 
He opens his eyes and is in a different place, his own bed 
But her voice rings in his head recompense, recompense, recompense 
A dream, night terror, yes
But not the lonely trail of blood down his chest….




Not poetry, but a thank you!! To you, yes you, all of you lovely people out there. For all your kind comments and likes. You have all taken time from your day to read what I write, and for that I am thankful. 

From the very first people who gave me the confidence to set up and show my writing, who told me I should share what I wrote, the person who said “just write”, to everyone now, you all help. 

I am full of grateful thanks. May you all have a blessed day 

Thank you my readers and friends

Ailsa ❤️

Water Land

She has swam these waters too long now
Borne their storms with faith it will get better because it has to
Doesn’t it?
Remaining hopeful that a balance can be struck
Between her time on land and her time immersed
Her need of the waters is rising an almost instinctive craving
To just swish through the waters
Losing the land
But regaining the fluid of her beloved waters
One last time, one last hope
Slipping through her fingers like sand through an eggtimer
The grains are running out and she could never stay
What it was always fleeting yet not
As she glides into the dark waters with moonlight reflecting
She takes a final look back to nod goodbye
To free herself
Her tail flipping as her life is restored
The mermaid leaves the land of Man knowing
To stay would destroy her
And the moon glows to give her blessing.

© AilsaCawley Poetry 2015

Danny the food thief

Written tongue firmly in cheek after seeing a friend’s dog is again caught stealing the cat’s food.

Soulful brown eyes regarding the giant above
I didn’t mean to do it but the lure was too strong
They get such good food and I just wanted some
Before I know it the plate it’s all empty
I swear Mr Giant dad I just wanted a taste
Could smell it forever and my legs found such haste
Please Mr Giant dad don’t look at me so
I’m ashamed of myself, I mean cats food you know
I’ll try so hard to get over this minor addiction
But please don’t tell my four legged friends as we go
Around the block,  of this tiny weeny affliction
Or my street cred will disappear and my reputation will die
That’s why I am widening my chocolate brown eyes.

© AilsaCawley Poetry 2015

Yowling at the moon

Why shouldn’t I cross the deliciously cool grass?
Towards that orb in the heavens that watches me
It’s face knowing and I want to share my secrets
In rhythmic musicality only it can understand
For it’s face is locked on mine
As I pour out my core unreservedly
To human ear it may make no sense at all
But the moon it listens to soulful music
The joy, pain, heartache in the same breath
Beating out everything
Wanton and joyful,  quiet and soothing
Till every last essence of me is shared wholly
And I am once more on the earth with the grass dewy underfoot
I am connected once more
But I am earthed and stardust equally
Calm and sated I bid my confidante farewell
For now

© AilsaCawley Poetry 2015

Unprovoked assault

You have confused me with a smile followed by an onslaught of vitriol
Disarmed by the kite of peace and attached to the string poison
Pouring out your hatred of me and why?
I have no clue
I am completely bewildered but you keep up the hatred
I want to ask what I did for this but know the answer
Nothing except be there
And you will carry this on while telling me I deserve it
I breath so that is enough for you
To issue venom and vicious words
I walk away and you smile at your victory
Assume I agree that I do not matter as you say is the case
Why else you ask?
Because I am better than to fight bitter with bitter
Beat hatred with the love within and silent contempt
Words are wasted on some.

© AilsaCawley Poetry 2015

Ice of ages

Your facade slides into place a smile suddenly on full beam
Just like the headlights of a car when the switch is flicked
So long have you held this persona in reserve it’s almost
Too much longer and it will be all that is left
And you can carry on like the avoided iceberg
Because underneath it all is so great an amount of
Of not being a worthy person who matters
That you will seal your own fate by acting the part
Too long
You no longer know who it is that’s the real you
Frightened of who you might be If you’d be liked
So you keep the cold front from sheer terror
Watching you from the shaded warmth of anonymity
The woman of no consequence puzzles
Silent and aloud
As to your need for a facade, pity and anger mix
Gritting her teeth into an equally fake smile
Stops watching
As you have become of no matter to her
And you lose the game through her refusal to be
Forced to play any more

© AilsaCawley Poetry 2015

Little Miss Roses (II)

You were oh so clever you thought all down the line
The line that kept twisting and turning
Desperation for more perfection and yelling it’s mine 
Till inside you only feel this fear and it’s burning.
Yes little miss roses, life’s never so perfect as you want it to be
While you hurt and you hunt down the carers for you 
Or you get offered two things but demand to have three 
Doesn’t matter if it’s right or if it’s true 
You built yourself a problem like children build snowmen
With the fun and determination to succeed 
You had one small blip on your landscape but counted ten,
And then you decided to add in your own special greed.
Did you look before you leapt into your latest fairytale and magic?
Or did you just think now the roses are planted you’re saved
That it can’t turn all human and nasty and tragic 
When you decide to make your peace with the heart you engraved 
Your name with leisurely careless pride 
You’re going to discover the hurtful truth
There is nothing left but emptiness rattling around inside.
Barricade your windows, your doors, hide from the hurt you caused
And when you sniff the scent of the roses you hastily planted
Then will be time to wonder should you have paused.


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