Try pushing, cajoling

Screaming and wails

Hurl insults like boulders

To get through the day.

Try threats coated in treacle

Not subtle or sweet

You’ll wait till I’m ready

I bow at nobody’s feet.

Watch through cracks in the story

Make your own fairytale end

I can see through your mask

Don’t break and don’t bend.

I may say little to you but read

You so well

I’m wary not scared

You are but a shell.


©️AilsaCawleyPoetry 2018


The House

That’s all it ever was that place

Never referred to as home

A place holding some part

Of me or a future

But a temporary stop, a stable box

A place built only for ghosts.

Forced the words past my lips

To find they stumbled like a foreign tongue

And I knew it would hold nothing

I’d hoped and said that was enough

But the life in it couldn’t light it

With enough warmth, energy

To make something for a future

Build a world I felt happy in.

Tried to make something come true

In the empty souled place

Where nobody could find peace

And I was asked one day what it’d take

To bring light into that space

First thoughts were to burn it down

Erase everything that happened there

Leave the twisted past behind.

Not there now thank my lucky stars

But I wonder as I look in the mirror

Who was I ? Who was she?

So different that she was never me

And she lived in my house

The one that never called me to it

Couldn’t get me to believe I was home.



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