The woman with no name

The woman with no name

She wanders around cast adrift

Back and forth wandering

Never acknowledged not ignored

Young and tender as a shoot

Leaving new growth in her path

Life springing where she has trod.

A whisper in time maybe, maybe

Is she real or imagined?

The woman with no name

Snowdrops rising shows she’s back

Giving birth to a new spring

Secrets passed down on the wind

Unwritten, but there’s the tales

Pass as milk from mother to child

Kindliness nourishing the land

She is real not imagined

She is a woman with many names

Touching all with her mantle of life


©️Ailsa CawleyPoetry 2018


Facing fury

The strangers face invades her space

Sour breath that tries to calm

Expecting drowsy eyes or nod of acquiescence.

Shhh his lips say smirk fades to fright

As the growl of fury escapes

Her teeth barred a wild woman

Unafraid, raging, threatens to tear him apart

The woman is not a gentle fearful soul

Her territory invaded life threatened

She didn’t cower, plead or give in

Primal scream and he’s terrified

No quiet mousy woman she.

Confusion reigns as facing fury

Was not what he bargained for

Her guttural cries that call strength and tribe

His eyes are widening getting her vibe

Knowing she’s alone but needs no one here

And furies rule that allow nothing approaching fear

Gaining, gaining, she’s almost at him

He’s clambering over the wall

However high he’ll never be safe

From the wild woman right here

He’d rather vault over and fall

There must be a hoard of banshees in that place

He’s decided never to return for more

Whatever that is it’s no ordinary woman

She came from a long forgotten place.



Will you be nice?

Will you be nice?

You tell me to wear the make up, look pretty

But only for you because this is the city

And don’t leave the house after dark.

Don’t even catch someone’s eye

Be closed and hard not shy

Never show you’ve got the spark

That says I can manage without you.

Be good, nice whatever that may mean

Don’t complain it’s your shame if you’re seen

If they call and they shout

If they should single you out

It’s your fault for giving them ideas

And show them they are feared

Don’t argue be sweet

Or a sticky end you’ll meet

As they taunt or hurt you at their whim

You’re just a girl remember so just give in to him

Don’t fight, bite or scream

He must have misunderstood the dream

That he chose to believe you wanted

Your eyes and lips say you’re haunted

From another who chose to ignore

And it’s not expected when you settle the score.

So will I be nice, dishonest to appease?

While you harm, brutalise and cop a squeeze

The answer is there and sharp as a lance

No I won’t, not ever, not a chance.



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