Learning to have peace

I came to the island a city lass

Something clicked and moved

Into a place

An empty space

I didn’t know was there

But I started learning

Some said the island hooked me

But it didn’t hurt

More like wrapped in nana’s arms

Being told I’d found my peace

With vast seas and

Seas that crash or whisper

I kept learning

Many scoffed at this silly dream

After all it’s life on an island

Things are slower here

Because everyone knows

That to hurry makes you deaf

To nature’s teachings

And you never stop learning

Never stop learning.



Do you see me?

Do you see me, really?

Not who you want me to be

Or think I should be

Would be if I shaved my edges off

So you could see what you want

And I would be what you’ve desired

All these years your vision skewed

Have you ever once seen me?

Looked at me closely without distaste

Because I’m not who you envisioned I’d be

When you first started pushing, pulling at me

Trying to remove my awkwardness

Angry that what was there wasn’t desirable

I’ve noticed you still trying to cut

Little bits off when you think nobody sees

But here’s the thing

Even those who don’t know you have it

The vision to go beneath your veneer

They see you too and you’re blind to it.



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