A thank you and a sharing of good news!

It’s a while since I’ve done a post and just said hello, I hope you’re well, and thanks for keep following the page.,

It’s not an easy year for so many people and it’s not getting easier yet. But, it will. People have shown this year that they rally round when the going gets tough. I’m so grateful for that.

If you don’t like stories that are of the crime genre, or a bit gory, then maybe don’t read this. After I finish what I’m currently writing, I’m going to rewrite this, as a full length story. It’s a competition I was fortunate enough to come runner up in.

Thanks for the support from everyone following the page. Hope you enjoy it!






It’s small but it’s there

That glimmer from the hidden

Fire that burns deep in my


It tells me determinedly that

I can do these things that

I dream of and it’s not

Idle dreaming, wishful nonsense

Distracting me from


The nagging whisper that

Refuses to be put out

Despite naysayers and laughter

Raised eyebrows that say


Smirks that say put it away

The glimmer that refuses

To be extinguished

The magical light that

Even as a tiny almost unseen


It keeps on flickering

Glimmering and will not

Go out because the spark

Is hidden away in my soul



Waste of time

He snatched it from her hands

Faint smile upon his face

As though mildly impressed

Then advanced cutting space.

Her feelings had been given life

On a world on these pages

And this is what you’re doing

The look in his eyes raged

She smiled still hoping for understanding

A moment where he’d utter

Where he’d see her need to write

Then she saw them, the shutters

They crashed down so silently

They ricocheted in her head

Do something useful, normal

You can dream rubbish when you’re dead

To make the point a certainty

He reached for a metal pan

In it page by page were burned

Her dreams by his gleeful hand

It took a while for her to see through

The veneer of his helpful comment

Until the day she snapped

Walked out leaving him to lament.



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