Promise the North

Let’s look at the North frozen wastelands

Win them over boys again.

Tell the same stories, change the words

Dangle carrots full of powerful pain.

Yes, I know we told them that last year

Also probably the one before

Saying we’d give them help

It’s the North, they only settle scores.

Subdue, substitute and ignore

All we’ve ever done to the place

We’ll keep our powerhouse for us

Tell them it’s impossible, save our face.

Forget it now, this promise to the North

All they do is march, pour forth

Didn’t go to our old chaps schools

They can’t see we’re a ship of fools.


©️AilsaCawleyPoetry 2019



It’s bubbles are hot and the lava like acid burns

My throat tight from tasting anger

Twisting and turning as turbine

You spout nothing but searing air

To then forget goldfish-ly as the wind changes.

Your world has no room for anything of logic

It contains your grand vision

You the star of your own show

Roses falling at your feet in the hurrah

That you decided you deserved

And still you wait for it…


©️AilsaCawleyPoetry 2019

Differ and change

Undercurrent flows into conversation

A bitter edge that says you’re not better

Yet I never said I was

How do you explain it?

That you just need to see what else there is

Know what other choices there are

Make decisions without fear of

The failure that surely follows

If you dare to change

And allow Times mist to swirl around

Carrying you with them to new things.

If you’re happy where you are I’m happy

For you are living your plans

As I am

Neither of us better or best

Just different and happy with our choice

So we shall have to beg to differ

And I will follow my change.


©️AilsaCawleyPoetry 2019

Queen of arrows

She sits there like a queen on her throne

Sceptre a fag hanging down

Flicking ash she makes her choice

Of which horse is worth the money

Not a gamble, it’s a definite winner

Mind you, she’s usually right

Her arrow throwing hand would’ve made her

A formidable opponent in war

These days she’s making sure that in the corner

They’re not messing up her score

As she hits the board to win the darts

Knowing once more she’s nailed it.


©️AilsaCawleyPoetry 2019

Fireside secrets

Listen girl keep looking you’d say

Watch that fire flicker with dreams

See pictures of life cross it

And swallow the future whole.

Tell yourself you can see and you will

Shadows of orange flame become futures

Worlds of opportunity open to you

If you only believe they are.

I’m not talking magic or hocus pocus

My words are meant to convey

The simple life you can make

If you should need to escape.

The rat runs here no more comfort

Than the days when I was small

Well, in some ways it is but really

I’m only saying why have the same

When you could have it all?

Written about conversations with my nana as a child


©️AilsaCawleyPoetry 2019

Broken man

A broken man skeletal but proud

Walks in daring anyone

To mention his weight loss

Haunted face deathly gaunt

Knowing each day brings him closer

To the end.

He knows what is happening

Will tell you after a drink

Wants no sympathy, fact dealing

So there’s not speculation

As he hears them discuss him

Talk about the ‘condition ‘

Coming to take the life he knew

Your words are not accurate

This thing filled him with stoicism

While eating away who he was

Wanting to tell them while asbestos eats

He can still hear every single beat.

Written about the close friend of my dad who was a fighter and battled asbestosis, a very brave man even as he was being broken down.


©️AilsaCawleyPoetry 2019

When Hitler lived down the road

Without a glimmer of a smile

Or a twinkle in his eye

The latest tale would begin to unfold

With an honest John expression

And a would I lie to you

Your attention he would hold.

Hitler he’d say lived down the road

When he was hiding after the war

It was all on the hush hush

Though everyone knew

Cos they’d seen him in the pub

And he’s rumoured to be a lush.

He’s a tiny fella nowt to look at

A bit different without his tash

And he daren’t get got up in jackboots

Or his dressy up Mac

Pretends he’s some canny old fella

But even the kids know the truth

Hitler invaded byker , he’s hiding in plain sight

Wandering around like a lost sheep

While he waits for his mates to arrive

Hitler was there he’s a master of disguise

I know you haven’t seen him yet

But I’m telling you he’s still alive!!

Look Dad are you telling the truth?

I mean it really can’t be true..

With a shocked look he’d say

Would I ever lie to you?


©️AilsaCawleyPoetry 2019

As with all good tales this held a very small grain of truth. This was the story my Dad built around that grain, which was not exactly a truthful grain….

Fools rally

Trying to defend your actions saying

By union we become slaves to be

Thrown to the owners whims and fancies

Hoping your bigoted followers will roar

To your rally without a cause

Without truth, justice just another pack

Of your lies to make your own name

Go forever down in history

As the fools you are

The emperors who have no new clothes

Just the same bitter fabric you always



©️AilsaCawleyPoetry 2019

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