When Hitler lived down the road

Without a glimmer of a smile

Or a twinkle in his eye

The latest tale would begin to unfold

With an honest John expression

And a would I lie to you

Your attention he would hold.

Hitler he’d say lived down the road

When he was hiding after the war

It was all on the hush hush

Though everyone knew

Cos they’d seen him in the pub

And he’s rumoured to be a lush.

He’s a tiny fella nowt to look at

A bit different without his tash

And he daren’t get got up in jackboots

Or his dressy up Mac

Pretends he’s some canny old fella

But even the kids know the truth

Hitler invaded byker , he’s hiding in plain sight

Wandering around like a lost sheep

While he waits for his mates to arrive

Hitler was there he’s a master of disguise

I know you haven’t seen him yet

But I’m telling you he’s still alive!!

Look Dad are you telling the truth?

I mean it really can’t be true..

With a shocked look he’d say

Would I ever lie to you?


©️AilsaCawleyPoetry 2019

As with all good tales this held a very small grain of truth. This was the story my Dad built around that grain, which was not exactly a truthful grain….


Fools rally

Trying to defend your actions saying

By union we become slaves to be

Thrown to the owners whims and fancies

Hoping your bigoted followers will roar

To your rally without a cause

Without truth, justice just another pack

Of your lies to make your own name

Go forever down in history

As the fools you are

The emperors who have no new clothes

Just the same bitter fabric you always



©️AilsaCawleyPoetry 2019