Rolling mists 

Her ethereal being floats shape changing 

Undulates across, around beyond the horizon 

No corporeal restraint on her 

Laughter tinkling on the wind maybe? 

Or have you conjured your own fears 

To human form when something unknown bids you forth 

And you tell yourself it’s nothing 

She smiles as she moves to provoke attention 

And gets it without effort 

A shift here a flick there 

You can breathe freely as light breaks through 

And she rolls her shadowy back away from the sun 

From other darkness shows 

She will return remaining hidden until she is ready 

To show you her command once more  

You will enter her as she chooses the hook 

With which she’ll snare you 

Willingly you go to a possible end 

Maybe pass through the mist as she swallows your being 

To leave if she chooses your moment gone 

And smiling whichever her decision 




Built on a fable 

The things you were sure were absolute truth 

Lie in pieces on your minds cutting room floor 

Stories force fed from childhood through youth 

Leave you wondering what else you don’t know 

As your beliefs have just fled through the door 

There are dark things that whisper in the edge of your mind 

Some may be real most are not 

You regret thoughts you had about someone you knew 

What was the need for such a secretive plot?

The answers to queries you’ll never receive 

So let them go back before you 

Make them  unimportant and give them no spot  

Or your mind they’ll never leave 

Treat them as memories someone wished to be true 

But not as spectres to keep haunting you 



Andrina sits on the hillside watching 

Events unfold at her feet 

Seeing lives living and dying 

She never misses a beat  

Her curios and stories scattered everywhere 

As toys on a playroom floor 

All laid bare for none but her 

She will change the ending once more 

The wind whistles round at her fingertips 

And she whispers words of yore 

Screaming wildly that unhinged anger slips 

Calling up a night of storms and thunder 

Determined to have her will she dips 

Dropped to ground she doesn’t care to touch 

Watching as her little paradise shows 

It’s never gonna be the green haven she craves 

Till she tills at the earth mixing 

The shadows are beautifully existing 

Her voice howls and squeals as she goes 


Swallowed by the mist 

I heard the news that my nightmare was gone 

That the past has set me free 

No longer will I see you and shake while putting 

A mask over my face, mind screaming RUN!!  

The message that delivered the news made me sigh 

Never wished you ill but no more checking out every 

Direction because you might appear 

One day 

Thinking do I visit where the past dwells 

Some things were subtle and I thought it imagined 

You kept saying I’d never cope 

But I did and I have 

I can never forget the words that chilled my blood 

After your tears had fallen in hot angry springs 

The begging on deaf ears 

The casual words of I wonder if we should get married 

I wonder if a dead woman would be so bold 

Always wanted to kill someone 

And yet I don’t hate 

You don’t exist anymore 

My gratitude for the news that gives me peace immeasurable 

Even if that makes me a monster 

You are swallowed by the mist of time 



Promise to dust 

Promises fill the air floating as dust motes 

See them dancing prettily full of maybes 

This time is the whisper 

Your hand grasps out not greedy but desperate 

For this time to be the one time 

And you can hold it close forever 

Inhale it deeply to keep feeling it 

Once more 

Once more you see 

The dust promise float away 

You hide troth upon falsehood so it crumbles 

Impermanent and imperfect 

Like a frost that draws you to step up test it’s reality 

And it melts, crumbling away to 

The dust promise it always was


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