Happy New Year!!!

It’s been a very different year, this year. So many things have changed in the world at large and in my world. 

As with everything we have to carry on ahead, whatever is thrown our way and sometimes it’s more difficult than we expected. I try to remain grateful and glad for the good things, the good friends and those who are part of my life. 

Some wonderful friendships have been cemented and gained this year. 

The world seems a mad place at the moment, but we can only fight by using honesty and compassion, caring for all and not giving the people who try to divide the world the chance to tear down the world by notions of blaming others for their blinkers instead of just removing them and seeing people as simply, well people!  Colour, sex etc don’t come into it. 

Whatever you believe or don’t , at the dawn of 2017 , I wish you a Happy New Year and a blessed one. 




Solstice night 

I feel the chilling air frozen to my marrow 

Yet the start of this ending is 

Different and hopeful 

Snow lies on the hills and sky heavy with it 

Pinkish warning clouds like lamps to relay 

The days are staying cold 

Nights coming up inky blues and velvety black 

Bright stars shining a warning of winters turn 

The ground crunches frost underfoot my heart dancing 

Quickening, body may be cold but the soul knows 

To get to light the dark solstice must pass 

Rest and reparations take place 

The world will return to glory for next spring tide 

Once again we will forget the rest time, the feast 

No solstice is dark or light alone 

Newness and endings come to all whatever the station 

Stop, drink it in, rest, dancing at the fire 

Then move ahead through mist and sun alike 

They will return again and after we are dust 



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