Light up the shadows 

Those lights he said are the souls of the dead 

Flying the skies like birds in formation 

Migrating from this world to that without anything but 

A whispered wing beat to guide them 

Through mists and time, dawn to dusk they go through the veil 

Of twisted time and bravery stopped them repeating 

So they shine their coloured expanse above in 

Fantastical colours speaking silently of magical powers 

We cower hiding our eyes so the gods are not angered 

Except for the one who cannot tear their eyes away 

I watch through fingers and pretend to have fear 

Though I feel only majestic colours dancing in front of me 

Around me and I wish I could tell what I saw 

But the lights are on show if you open to see 

Look through fingers if you dare maybe tell nobody 

You will marvel silently at what they show you 

The elders of before 

As they light up the shadows 



Graceful symmetry 

It was a time of almost perfect everything 

You were with me…. and not 

Nothing withheld as you came like a thief in the night  

I gave gladly yet knowing it would die as a star 

Burns bright to it’s end leaving a shower maybe 

Dust and then nothing to touch me 

Until one day you suddenly would….

Not skin to skin or tangle of limbs alight with sparks 

You left a call on the wind that I can hear now 

Saying you cared in the only way you could 

You were a different person then 

Fitting in or hoping to live up to some dream 

Belonging to another bestowed on you 

Well meant I don’t doubt 

I observe now your being the person I saw beneath 

Not sad I don’t have you 

But that you found happiness and don’t look for the 

Symmetry, graceful symmetry as the only guide 

You see without the crowd you began to be 

A floater on the edge of vision 

The symmetry once I imagined we had in abundance 

Gone with life being lived 

Breath being felt violently cold in lungs shrivelled 

So busy with the graceful symmetry of us  

That I stopped inhaling, exhaling 

And shrivelled shrunken almost to nothing 

First breath shocking as I saw there was no likeness 

Nothing for me except newness and changing tides 

And you were washed away wailing 

That you’d become transparent or as you said 



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