I see the hill to a hard road ahead

Slippery climb through earth

Wet, sliding and falling

Hit the ground, teeth grinding

Against pain as I force myself on

Enduring to win and take back

My power , my path.

©️AilsaCawleyPoetry 2020

Dr Butler

He preens in preparation

For the next adoring patient

That will bow and scrape

At his little polished feet

His moustache waxed in exact points

Pudgy flesh over stubby joints

He sees it a necessity

Definitely not a vanity

To have the latest silken cravat

Hiding from the public his newfangled

Words set to confuse the people of the day

As he sticks out his chin indignantly

And waits for you to pay



Ekphrastic challenge with Paul brookes at wombwell rainbow




I see you standing on the stair

Feel the chill that takes the air

Cold fingers run down my spine

Like the nail trails a line

I see you standing at the door

Watch you standing evermore

The touch familiar on my back

My mind is beginning to crack

I’ve seen you daily for so long

I no longer think that something’s wrong

Accepted that you are dwelling there

The space is large enough to share

Do I see the features,? you have enquired

Is it something all in your mind

I have accepted that this apparition

Has passed the life and death transition

I wander out to see the sun

To tell myself that you are gone

I turn to see you behind the pane

Window steams from your breath again


Ekphrastic challenge November with Paul Brookes @PaulDragonWolf1 thewombwellrainbow

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