Watching and drinking in the whole scene to weigh it up 

Carefully prowling 

Until she knows what to use precious energy on 

Circling in a slow decreasing arc towards the thing in eyeline 

It is not aware of her presence yet 

So used is she to moving deliberately and nonchalantly that nothing 

Even notices 

Unless she wants to be seen 

Or they have crossed her path on the wrong side 

Mainly she does not roar she is unassuming, quiet even  

But a chord of fear is struck when they hear her angry battle cry 

Notice for the first time her teeth. 

So much drank in slowly, like milkshake through a straw 

Chilling her insides little by little a steady stream of ice 

Till her hot anger overflowing but slowly edge her towards her target 

Watch her smile as she slithers in shadow 

Kill her prey ? No not her.

Breath like crystals of ice as she breathes over the fallen prey 

Who smiles unsure of why she looks different to them 

And as her mouth covers theirs she lets it all come forth 

Freezing their heart in their chest  with the cold built up over forever 

Now she is free.



Past Futures

Weave them well lass she said they’re only but scraps
Make your binding so tight not to break
Take only the best pieces you can see
And no faith in life allow to shake
The road you are carving has been trod before
But not with your footsteps,no
Be sure that you follow the path you know to be true
Not that easy course that’s well worn
The girl as she’s known is nodding but fears
What if my waiting is all wrong
You never waited, you said all on your mind
It never hurt you to leave past behind
So I’m not as strong as you think I might be
I am sure my waiting will let us both down
Lass the older one said who said I never did hurt? 
I had no way to stand back and think
Learning only to react and then wonder
It was my own heart and others I’d break
You have learned well so as not to know
And this was always my goal

Walk from the hills and leave them your fears
They have perfected losing it there
Hear the wind howling she asks
And of course she nodsthat she does
That cave at the top you get there by dreams
Of vanquished villains and brave dragons who
Will be just out of sight
So climb high in your head as you lie in bed
And I will stay by you as you fight again
Call only my name should you need me lass
Not more than a heartbeat away
Not all shine you see is of solid gold
And I am but through the doorway
Whose handle you are not permitted to hold
Don’t fear the future it’s lying in wait
It’s there awaiting you now
Only you can can see it go ahead now
Let it hold and enfold your desires
Now walk ahead feel the earth at your feet
Tread the ground of your home and hearth
The girl turns to thank for the calming advice
Only the whooping of wind remains

©AilsaCawleyPoetry 2016


Butterfly wings

Paper thin and fragile she’s observed the butterfly wings
That adorn and illuminate her being
Lights in her eyes fresher
Once or twice maybe more the gossamer threads inside
Were cut
With thoughtless abandon dashing a heart
To pieces in her breast
The scars are healing,  fading away to silver
The pulling at her shoulders feeling like boulders weighing
Heavy cumbersome
Sunlight reflects in the pool where faeries play
Showing the wings of rainbow hues at her back
Delicate yes
One thought the proof of existence as they wave on a breeze
And she is ready to fly
Go where her heart takes her and she has control
Of her soaring destiny

©AilsaCawleyPoetry 2016


Thoughts of safety

She’s floated behind the wall built of solid thought
Strength beyond concrete
None can break through and she’s unsure how
Or if it’s too late
Was it left so long that solidity flowed away
In unnoticed rivulets
She’s wishing she hadn’t made a castle to guard her
An unwanted prison
Of a way to escape her own blocked exits
And repair some things
But she’s unsure if she got left behind in her fortress
And it’s too late
Looking for a chink in homemade armour
Her prayer is that there’s time
Before the sand timer runs out.

©AilsaCawleyPoetry 2016


Different truths

Your eyes, your lips speak different truths of their own

The lips if they want to issue trite statements cherry picked from magazines

And the eyes glaze in boredom that the subject isn’t you.

When you talk the story has to say you are a martyr of your own life

Blame for things lie elsewhere, and your doorstep is scrubbed clean

You don’t notice the stains you have made lying there

Shielded from the beginning and never learning to grow or give 

Though you congratulate yourself on your generosity  

You are as transparent as a window pane 

With a memory as murky as a puddle where it suits 

So carry on and drink 

Salute yourself as no one else does 

And you cry into your coffee cup at the lack of understanding  

You aren’t appreciated for the things you might have done 

The world is always the same speaking a different truth 

To  your own sacred song

©AilsaCawleypoetry 2016

Gorgon to dust

Through the crowd they appeared to her
the tormentor
Every nightmare a walking flesh wound dealt, felt
It was then she decided to face it
Head on
Though her heart beat so fast she feared it’s escape
Facing this gorgon of her waking hours
Who held every dream and tried to crush it
To dust
Smile painted on she greets the night fear
The terror of every living hour 
Deciding a fake grin and a proof of life after
Are necessary
Even if the arm pulling her away wants to avoid
She has to face down the power to destroy
It once had
Watching it as it squirms under a level gaze
No longer
The frightened child willing to believe in half truths
Blatant lies or dusty fables fed to kill her
The girl has demolished the demons power
No more running
Her mind given new life, finally.

©AilsaCawleyPoetry 2016


Labyrinth light

The orbs glow brightly to all who will watch their bluish light 

Winking, flashing 

To find them in the distance will take me away far away 

From the labyrinth in which I wander 

I may look lost or aimless 

But something tells me that to leave this place where I can take many routes 

Will lay me on a straight narrow path to darkness 

Where here I am illuminated

The glow may be eerie but so many turns, choices here….

A straight measured road? 

To nothing 

I remain in favour of the labyrinth and my mind tells me 

That when I find the end 

It takes me to a new level the next colourful cavern lit by…..

Who knows what I shall find 


You didn’t , you……

You didn’t you say, that was someone else 

Who felt for you 

They put your words into a real neat line, you didn’t because 

I don’t see it 

The boredom of writing your soul in blood on paper, you? 

You’re not a person who tells me 


And if I didn’t see then it can’t be truly you 

Why share your heart in its smallest pieces, or when it’s 


You don’t, you didn’t ,you couldn’t ,you can’t 

Because I wouldn’t and I want a newer copy of me in you 

That’s all you should be a replica 

No way you believe I could, I would, I did 

I am.

You may have closed the door to realms of possibility 

I mourn it’s loss for you 

I hammered my doors and windows out from their frames 

To be anything I want.

I did. See it or not, I do.



Wise woman

She clears her mind of the thousand thoughts
That tumble like dandelion wishes
Scattered to the wind
And as the canvas clears she is told where
The definitive guide tells her when to stop
Imperceptible to some the slightest change
But it’s there sensing
Heat where none should occur
Her lips move in silent prayer asking for the healing
To change things to a better state
Her hands tingling fingertips afire unable
Unwilling to remove herself unless she has done her job
The one she was compelled,  called to
But she must do in secret
As who would believe in a healer?
Would you?

© AilsaCawleyPoetry 2016


Work with me

You asked her work with me any time she’d dissent
Eating her inside the guilt for poor you
Excuses for your actions
Reasons why you didn’t and should
Till she’s sitting on a virtual powder keg pent up, spent
You still say work with me and miss the bitter smile
As she closes the door quietly
So she can rage within her head
Looking through and into the heart of the storm inside you
No longer wondering how to help you quell it
But seeing you keep creating it for yourself
So you can keep her in chains
Made from cobwebs of an old life
Figuring how to break free of you now
No longer excuses that are able to wash
The stains on her memory clean
They are wrapped up in neat boxes weighted by bricks
One day her words will free her mind
And she’ll pity you no more



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