Ethereal Beauty

I watch her as behind her eyes go beyond illuminated, dancing 
With mischief and mirth freed from their hiding place 
For now she is free to be, as simple or complex as that makes her 
She is only allowed this time by sheer chance 
Yet I see her essence escape and glide effortlessly 
Talking, laughing, dancing in her most ethereal form 
I ache to tell her that this self needs to be made free without censure 
Know she wouldn’t believe me and tamp her flames down to nothing  
So I watch
And it is a joyful sight 
But a tiny part of me cries, knowing that this part of her is hostage 
Only because she is told to keep it hidden from sight 
She sees ordinary, I watch a rare beauty a natural beauty 
I told her once she was beautiful and she thought I mocked her 
Then it dawned I meant my words and she said I was kind 
But she really knew 
Her limits didn’t include beauty 
I don’t know if she fully believed when I told her she was truly beautiful 
When she allows her spirit freedom her beacon shines
Maybe that’s what he’s afraid of? 
He’s terrified of something 



9 thoughts on “Ethereal Beauty

      1. People watching is a special delight. It gives much to think over. Conversations in the mind, patterns to track, emotions to play out, as if, living a peice of others lives.

        Liked by 1 person

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