Labyrinth light

The orbs glow brightly to all who will watch their bluish light 

Winking, flashing 

To find them in the distance will take me away far away 

From the labyrinth in which I wander 

I may look lost or aimless 

But something tells me that to leave this place where I can take many routes 

Will lay me on a straight narrow path to darkness 

Where here I am illuminated

The glow may be eerie but so many turns, choices here….

A straight measured road? 

To nothing 

I remain in favour of the labyrinth and my mind tells me 

That when I find the end 

It takes me to a new level the next colourful cavern lit by…..

Who knows what I shall find 



Wise woman

She clears her mind of the thousand thoughts
That tumble like dandelion wishes
Scattered to the wind
And as the canvas clears she is told where
The definitive guide tells her when to stop
Imperceptible to some the slightest change
But it’s there sensing
Heat where none should occur
Her lips move in silent prayer asking for the healing
To change things to a better state
Her hands tingling fingertips afire unable
Unwilling to remove herself unless she has done her job
The one she was compelled,  called to
But she must do in secret
As who would believe in a healer?
Would you?

© AilsaCawleyPoetry 2016


Siren wails

The siren wails her mahogany hair, ruby lips curled back
In knowing contempt
For he can and will come gladly to his doom
Enchanted by the pale white skin 
Urgent calling on the wind for assistance it seems
Not seeing her scorn as final warning
Of his own impending demise
He realises just before it’s too late to turn back
So hypnotised by her smiling sneer
There is nowhere else to turn 
And the only thing visible from shore is a figure eyes wide
Arm waving or maybe drowning
In the murky waters a moment and then sucked under
Tricked by glamour to his own end.



Liquid walls

You haunt my nights with light and dark
My days uneasy with fire or sparks
What are you? 
Being of another world seeping through
Touching at the edges burning cold
No-one can see you on edge of visions bold
I’m needing to look deeper but I might get lost
Worry less by the day of the cost
Are you the me I really am bleeding through?
The barriers broken and I am you
I find the thought enticing I can be this other soul
With something more to show a  purely fluid goal
It sounds alien and scary to have liquid walls 
But they flow these barriers best of all.
Try them, push hard they do not bend or break
Nor shatter like glass ceilings but more effort they take
One small stone, to break the glass smash it good and right
But liquid walls mean you wanted movement and put up a fight
So turn to your dark corners where you feel the world ends
Push hard, push well
For here is where worlds meet, mingle, blend.


Clockwork heart

Tick, tick the seconds chirrup away
Like crickets counting between hours
Waiting for the chime
To reverberate loudly clanging
Through me
Shaking inside
The crickets stop their lazy chatter momentarily
Waiting for the explosion which
Never comes
Thought chain almost lost in the mêlée of wondering
How did this just go this way?
Relief floods the clock face
As it sees it can go on
Ticking selfishly away
It’s tune not interrupted but improved
The information contained within it has been preserved
Behind the blank dial of smiles
Fooling nobody
Foolish to the last
Tick, tick



Stardust rising

My own small tribute to the inimitable David Bowie

And he fell to earth this stardust man
To help us find the way
Of moving forward beyond prejudice
But for more than just one day
Kept telling us to be our own heroes
Has anyone listened to his message yet
How many more clues do we have to get?
Showed us we can change the visage
Even the essence of who we are
This man who asked if there was life on Mars
Reinventing himself without any fear
Proof he was always going to keep learning
All the way through this Lazarus kept returning
You know that he’ll never go beyond those stars
See him shining there this man of stardust
Of powder,  paint and circus clown
Telling you all to see if you must
The difference an open mind makes and heart to match
Read the message that goes with the pictures
And thank you Star Man for your chapter
Neverending. Nevermore.



Mercurial Mairi

She arrived slipping out from the wall it seems
A liquid flowing form so mercurial
Yet I’m drawn to speak with her as if an urgent need has arisen
What exactly troubles you child, she asks soothing,
This place
Exactly what she emphasises with a smile
Encouragement or amused by me I cannot tell
It’s stealing me
How can it get into the very depths winding
Like Ivy it is surrounding me from all angles
Ahhh is her reply
Her grasp cool on my arm
Be still child,  it is not predator and prey we discuss
Don’t you feel it,  the difference here?
Nodding without a word
It’s the gods,  yours,  mine,  any, none
They have answered your call do you see?
They take something first to be sure you don’t feeeel it, hmmm
It’s a sense of something shifting,  slipping
When they’re sure they take other parts if they need to
What do they take (eyeing the room like it’s at fault!)??
You feel your heart shift first
Your mind following after if it needs to imagine
Some hearts are more logical resistant to impulse
Tell me child,  where does your heart bide?
Where can you find wildness,  desolation,  beauty and more
Do you feel peace and tranquillity and everything more
Do you see storms and run away or need to stay
See light play in morning and evening and magic dance in the air
Tell me child,  where else can you fare?
I nod you’re right is it really that simple
As a tap on my shoulder
Whose voice tells me we’re going are you ready?
I’m just….
Talking to that wall I know,  first sign of madness he laughs
Looking back she is gone mercurial mairi
Like she never was there…..



Wolven ways of working

The sheeplike face changed to my confusion
As the lupine features emerge as a free beast again
I had to hide from the fears that cause hate
He nods to emphasise his point
If a harmless lamb you see before you or a wolf
What would you choose?
You’re taught from infant to reject all that’s clever
They say I’m cunning,  sly,  so I played
Their game as they like it and won
Did you see me as I really am behind what I presented?
Eyes question my thoughts but lips never move
I heard the exchange in my head
Now my panic sets in and I am certain I’m mad
For since when can an animal shape change?
Squeaks my human brain
Terror strikes your heart as I break the bonds you gave
Turn dead eyes to me dull like a fish that’s sacrificed
The sheeplike face hiding behind it’s sameness
Show me the wolf her difference and honesty
She will warn if she is striking
I take the wolf in the hills as my creature any time
It’s the sheep facade I care nothing for



Sky dance

The whoops and wails, Catherine wheel trails
Descending to land in a dance
And she watches afraid but can’t tear away
As beauty with horror unfolds
What is it exploding in marvellous dance above?
Has it come but to kill or cure
It’s broken the darkness of the skies with magnificent colour
But her eyes make her stay
Such a spectacle in mystical greens holding spectres
Purple gifts of hope entertwine
She knows she should run and hide
For it’s always been this way or you’ll bring on (she shivers)
The end of the world
These are the curses of woman they say
A dawning mind tells her who would know it was her
If it were true….
So she stands tall, taller still braving the storm expected
To find that after effects are simply this
The skies darken to only stars knowing
That she didn’t hide or flee
The most beauteous sight seeing but for now…
Can’t repeat.



Unmasking the gift

Quietly calm and willing to give of herself
There is no limit to the support offered
Never been told the credit limit is reached
A top up required
A repayment due
To those who are within her circle of trust
Holding up the walls around her hear the selected moments
The times she shares her side
Not just soaking up their troubles like an oily rag
She is allowing herself to think and be free
Giving still many a gift
But today she acquiesced that it’s really alright
To need rest
Ask for a hand to hold
In the twilight,  midnight,  darkness
Hell she is deserving and so worth it all
Filled to the brim now her knowing expands
Her learning or her staying will show things
In a wondrous three dimensional way
And she will be thankful for it all now
Her beauty
The type she sees as normal
Has just grown wings to make her fly high
Do I know her?……

© AilsaCawleyPoetry 2015

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