And you know

Yes you know, you know whatever they say 

When it comes your time to go 

The fear of those demons is floating up, away 

Your soul is learning to make it’s peace will show 

Fair slender hands as it steals your life again. 

Have you been before you wonder or do you really care 

It seems everyone wants you to think of things 

You’d rather keep, never share 

So you hold it close in skeletal grip while the ice inside increases 

Yes you know, you know whatever they say 

When it comes your time to go 

Worlds ahead they matter more than whether breathing ceases

And so my friend I watch you as you shrink from nothing 

Fulfilling your own prophesy by giving death your word of honour 

And showing him he has no sting 

Keeping till the very last your darkness so there is no clamour 

No grand following, or exodus for that was your farewell 

You knew, you knew it was your time to say things in your fashion 

You said with such passion

As no other ever can, my friend, my friend you know.




Stardust rising

My own small tribute to the inimitable David Bowie

And he fell to earth this stardust man
To help us find the way
Of moving forward beyond prejudice
But for more than just one day
Kept telling us to be our own heroes
Has anyone listened to his message yet
How many more clues do we have to get?
Showed us we can change the visage
Even the essence of who we are
This man who asked if there was life on Mars
Reinventing himself without any fear
Proof he was always going to keep learning
All the way through this Lazarus kept returning
You know that he’ll never go beyond those stars
See him shining there this man of stardust
Of powder,  paint and circus clown
Telling you all to see if you must
The difference an open mind makes and heart to match
Read the message that goes with the pictures
And thank you Star Man for your chapter
Neverending. Nevermore.



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