Painted world

Watching in the mirror with a sultry smile painted on
She hides herself away
The glare of the masses harsh against her mind
Trying to change to create
A self that is accepted by others she nods
For now she’s covered herself up and who can tell?
The paint like a warriors woad designed with care
Impressive and exactly portraying something
Her power she thinks is an imaginary force
Coming with the paint
She will discover one day as she forgets powder and kohl
It was always there flowing
Just beneath the surface waiting to erupt
And change the world she inhabits

© AilsaCawley Poetry 2015


Author: ailsacawley

I have written since I can remember. First inspired by the wonderful stories of Roald Dahl, the Brothers Grimm etc. I adore myths and magic of all sorts, though I read so many genres it's impossible to classify it all!! Some of my poetry is truth with a healthy (or unhealthy depending on your view!),dose of magic and fiction and others are pure fiction. I'll leave you to decide for yourself which those are! Please stop by and enjoy and glad to make your acquaintance. Feel free to leave a comment 🙂

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