I am…

I pound the shores, bringing food
I take your boats safely back to land
You give me your gifts, often
Unwanted, unnecessary
Your rubbish and cast-offs
You say you admire my strength and beauty
While you slowly pollute and kill me
I am the Sea.

I allow you flight and life
I give you breath to look at wonders
Of the world and beyond
You carefully zero your carbon footprint
So as not to spoil the atmosphere
And for this I applaud you
I am the Air and sky

I am the rocks of many types
Older than you or all your kin
I was here so long but am being destroyed
By thoughtless people who need to leave
Their mark upon my sister earth
I ask you in all our names
Earth, Sea, Sky, Air
To visit, marvel have a care
We can only be here while you will think
Leave only your footprints on your path
Take only a beautiful photograph
Don’t build new skyscrapers
It’s already been done
Keep moving, changing the landscape
To prove you’ve gone
The best compliment to the beauty you’ll pay
Is to leave well alone for future days

The changeling who would not

You misunderstood my stilted words
Thinking I had nothing to say
When I walked in to find my possessions strewn
Clothing, books, letters all sorted
Not by me.
You had looked at every last thing
Decided in my absence, without my knowledge
What was acceptable
I begin to look for this or that, randomly
Certain clothes, photographs, letters and books
All gone
They didn’t fit the picture puzzle you’re building
The play you imagine you live in
For a moment I was hopeful
Till you told me what you removed is gone
Taken to the dump with the rubbish
You beamed a smile
Waited for thanks for your help and direction
I could only nod,  wonder what possessed you
To try and wipe me out
Like a dirty smear on a looking glass
Without a by your leave,
But you didn’t wipe away the memories
You couldn’t do that.
However hard you tried to change me.
Hurt with your array of weapons
You taught me well
To fight back, become as rock
Hard and impenetrable when I have to
Show only what I want to those I can trust
And allow in only a chosen few
Who always have my back.


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