Treasure trove

Like an old wooden treasure chest she sits there
Filled when the lid is opened with precious gems
Information cascades like a spilled pot of golden nuggets
The rubies,  diamonds, pearls glint to catch the sun
Holding it’s warmth she reels it inside
Intent on filling it with warmth and beauty, fire and love
She pushes down the darkness determined
If she ignores it it will disappear surely
Through the slats the darkness slowly pushes out
Forms foggy shrouds around her
She needs to open the chest more often know her own worth
If the treasure trove were stolen tomorrow
She would sparkle and gleam without it
For the stars live in her eyes
No shooting stars these
But perfect everlasting energy to glint forever
They are her soul her beautiful soul

© AilsaCawley Poetry 2015

Picking up the pieces

How many times before the puzzles are complete?
Until you understand the language, rhythm, beat
What lies behind the nods
Beyond pretty words and cosmetic made gods
Who lie in wait for your soul to trap itself
Your own vanity tells you how much you can get
If you only tell the gullible sheep
The story they want to hear
And I watch unobserved, quiet and behind a wall made of steel
I know the dangers of helping you
I see the fountain spew forth from you
The lies mount up daily
So I shall watch next time you tumble down
I won’t help to be wounded by your words
Or give you a hand to hold
This time you will need to find another to help
I will not allow your world to encroach upon mine
This time if you destroy yourself
So be it


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