In the middle distance

There in the distance I see the shape

A person wanders hillsides they should not be on

Something stops me from checking

A shiver, a tingle down the spine

As they dance and weave disappear

Between the trees.

They are there then gone and reappear

A pale light beckons as an imitation moon

Caresses the earth and the air

I am drawn to a place I’d not usually go

Their presence pulling me on a chord

I cannot see but it’s there, human to human

She dances on tiptoes between the wooden guards

Of the sparse forest that shelter her from life

The world as it is has grown to crowd her in

She needs to inhale the scent of the trees

Touching their bark to prove there’s something

Outside of the small world she’s trapped in

Without escape, or pity wanted she trudges

At this moment all she needs is the company

Given by the trees

Without question or need for answers

I leave her to her solitary dance.


©Ailsa Cawley 2021


Author: ailsacawley

I have written since I can remember, devouring the stories of Roald Dahl under the covers by torchlight. I have always loved fairy tales, myths and magic. A good deal of the things I write has some truth in it. Others, not. I’m pleased you dropped by, please feel free to leave me a comment or if you’re kind enough to share that’s fine. ☺️

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