Two selves

She is watching but cannot be observed in return
Hovering at the woman’s left shoulder
Like a sentinel trying to warn through soundproof glass
Walk away from this
The woman sometimes catches your scream on the wind
When the frustration of her futile situation angers enough
But she is mostly deaf through choice
Because she heard a question
How much longer will you accept this offer of nothing
Before walking to find something?
Again and again she denies the left hand road
The different ways to turn for fear of…..
Maybe none of these but they mask it all quite nicely
Eventually her head will quiet enough and she will hear
It will be as though she sees the other woman
Her old self,  or maybe the new
And the one to bring her peace from her fears and storms
Was within all along and by her side
Her voice of reason will guide her through

© AilsaCawley Poetry 2015


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