Do you see me?

As the stranger turned and asked her name
How she feels about the latest craze
She can only nod and smile, or shake her head
Her brain screaming “do you see me? ”
I have been here invisible in freezing chains
Stood here unnoticed, time and again.
Nobody looking for fear of my mind
Afraid to talk about truths that I find.
Again I ask are you sure
“do you see me? ”
I know what to say and what to leave out
Taught when to smile and never to shout
I’m trying hard to blend like a colour palette
He told me don’t gamble, I’m not a good bet!
So I ask you again, of whom you see last time, give you chance to flee
Are you clearer than crystal all the way through
And you really don’t want a reflection of you?



Author: ailsacawley

I have written since I can remember, devouring the stories of Roald Dahl under the covers by torchlight. I have always loved fairy tales, myths and magic. A good deal of the things I write has some truth in it. Others, not. I’m pleased you dropped by, please feel free to leave me a comment or if you’re kind enough to share that’s fine. ☺️

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