The important walk

I am alerted to your presence by a wave
Not from you but a good friend
More observant of your arrival than I
She waves urgently telling me to turn to you
I had not sensed you
This time
But I turn as though we did this frequently
As of course we must
When I am less aware of
You need to see a place special and new
We walk you and I, everywhere
And your smile tells me you are pleased with the choice
I hoped you would be
Lifted by your approval of the hills and sea
Your arm through mine
A feather of a touch, barely there
Turning to speak you are gone again
I have returned to the other lands that draw near
Looking at a just baked lemon cake and a steaming mug
Opposite the friend who was my alert
So I could answer your call



Author: ailsacawley

I have written since I can remember. First inspired by the wonderful stories of Roald Dahl, the Brothers Grimm etc. I adore myths and magic of all sorts, though I read so many genres it's impossible to classify it all!! Some of my poetry is truth with a healthy (or unhealthy depending on your view!),dose of magic and fiction and others are pure fiction. I'll leave you to decide for yourself which those are! Please stop by and enjoy and glad to make your acquaintance. Feel free to leave a comment 🙂

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