A preference

What would I prefer? I ask myself
Would it be the heat of anger
Hotter than any fire
Burning with the ferocious waves of internal lava
So I have to bite back my words
As they will turn you to a solid mass
Of never moving ashes

Will it be the cold calm fury
From where I watch you playing games
And the cool me more frozen than a glacier?
I could pierce you with my ice if I so wish
Frozen for all time

I wish neither of these things
They are not beneficial in any way
You will eat at my angers hot or cold
Every time you create another drama

I know that the storms must be weathered
For the moment
When the last string that forces me to be bound
You will need a safe harbour to hide
As you unleash your own storm of ignorance
Your bliss will end by your own hand
And I will have no pity left to spare.



Author: ailsacawley

I have written since I can remember. First inspired by the wonderful stories of Roald Dahl, the Brothers Grimm etc. I adore myths and magic of all sorts, though I read so many genres it's impossible to classify it all!! Some of my poetry is truth with a healthy (or unhealthy depending on your view!),dose of magic and fiction and others are pure fiction. I'll leave you to decide for yourself which those are! Please stop by and enjoy and glad to make your acquaintance. Feel free to leave a comment 🙂

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