Come O fearful one 

Closer to the edge of new beginnings 

Shuffle forward if your feet 

Refuse to boldly stride ahead 

Worry not that you progress slowly 

Promise yourself only motion speed comes later 

Steps will sometimes be sideways 

Acknowledge backward as only a direction 

You wish not to travel 

Look back only to discover your next step 

And assure you you are still going forward 

Don’t tell yourself it’s not fast enough for them 

If it satisfies you 

Push the edges of your world to expand 

To radiate 

Burst forth with your passion your fire 

Heart not afraid at steps over the edge 

As you take the leap you have to 

You are now free to dazzle and shine 

Like the stardust creature you are 



Light up the shadows 

Those lights he said are the souls of the dead 

Flying the skies like birds in formation 

Migrating from this world to that without anything but 

A whispered wing beat to guide them 

Through mists and time, dawn to dusk they go through the veil 

Of twisted time and bravery stopped them repeating 

So they shine their coloured expanse above in 

Fantastical colours speaking silently of magical powers 

We cower hiding our eyes so the gods are not angered 

Except for the one who cannot tear their eyes away 

I watch through fingers and pretend to have fear 

Though I feel only majestic colours dancing in front of me 

Around me and I wish I could tell what I saw 

But the lights are on show if you open to see 

Look through fingers if you dare maybe tell nobody 

You will marvel silently at what they show you 

The elders of before 

As they light up the shadows 



Andrina sits on the hillside watching 

Events unfold at her feet 

Seeing lives living and dying 

She never misses a beat  

Her curios and stories scattered everywhere 

As toys on a playroom floor 

All laid bare for none but her 

She will change the ending once more 

The wind whistles round at her fingertips 

And she whispers words of yore 

Screaming wildly that unhinged anger slips 

Calling up a night of storms and thunder 

Determined to have her will she dips 

Dropped to ground she doesn’t care to touch 

Watching as her little paradise shows 

It’s never gonna be the green haven she craves 

Till she tills at the earth mixing 

The shadows are beautifully existing 

Her voice howls and squeals as she goes 


Solstice night 

I feel the chilling air frozen to my marrow 

Yet the start of this ending is 

Different and hopeful 

Snow lies on the hills and sky heavy with it 

Pinkish warning clouds like lamps to relay 

The days are staying cold 

Nights coming up inky blues and velvety black 

Bright stars shining a warning of winters turn 

The ground crunches frost underfoot my heart dancing 

Quickening, body may be cold but the soul knows 

To get to light the dark solstice must pass 

Rest and reparations take place 

The world will return to glory for next spring tide 

Once again we will forget the rest time, the feast 

No solstice is dark or light alone 

Newness and endings come to all whatever the station 

Stop, drink it in, rest, dancing at the fire 

Then move ahead through mist and sun alike 

They will return again and after we are dust 



Trample the fire 

Her eyes are alive dancing a moment more than you like 

You tune out for a while but hear her say 

I’ll dance in moonlight later it’s full and energy will renew me 

Trample it quick before the spark lights you think 

They’ll call you a witch a faithless bitch ,and see your spit on her face 

Fear made you sour your being sucked in and dry 

But her you think she can’t have magic without me and know she can 

Walk away without checking the fire was tamped down, trampled 

Assuming your words were enough 

Fool, fool hoots the owl on this hallowe’en eve not a word you hear 

Moon streaming in through curtain less windows so afraid of the dark are you 

She always joked she was bat like seeing in the shadows 

Slipping away with a huntress stealth 

To the garden and the fire in her burns 

Hottest, brightest wildest woman of then and now merge 

Laying down on the grass soaked and cold her shivers connect her 

She is of the earth, she is dust, she is starlight and shadow 

In her mind she is powerful, racing and flying 

Ahead and beyond and before 

She is timeless and ageless, knows  she’s not faithless and now that she is seeing 

The future of dreams that can happen he will trample the fire 

No more 


Photo  by ©Planting Images 2013

What’s it to do with me?

Don’t look at me she said there’s nothing to be done 

I am only a single person and honey , eat none 

Even if I cared about it who’d listen to me? 

I’m not a politician or someone who hugs the trees 

Her eyebrows raise and she looks devoid of caring 

There’s more for me to think about than insects and daring 

Probe a little deeper and you find her insecure 

Confused at others worlds that to her appear poor 

So pointing out that little bee as the key to her own life 

Her mind makes little connection 

Anger stems forcing her to demand (with jabbing finger) 

Show me it’s work that’s worth the linger 

One by one her plate is carved till precious little remains 

The flowers on the table gone 

Her shock now plain 

And ringing in her ears are the words 

This is what these creatures do and this the thanks they get! 

Without their help you don’t eat if they come to harm 

Their work continues only if we’re careful in our world 

The food chain isn’t a pretty name for golden threads 

You snap this one and the earth can end up dead.


Heron hideaway 

Of a sudden a shriek breaks through the mist 

Then nothing 

The gloomy skies descend and the barest sound before 

The heron breaks the foggy headlands 

Fly to your regal hideaway 

Swoop, dive before you are seen and flee 

This predatory world king of the sky 

From view you disappear to stop, confuse 

Appear only as a minor interruption 

From view you are gone provoke confusion over if you’re even there 

Imagined as a spectre 

Wear your anonymity while you wait to see 

Have you been seen or remain unnoticed 

The muddle of mist your friend and hiding place 

The heron hideaway 


Photo ©Planting Images 2013

The darkest corners 

Watching as the predator he is 

Hunting without sound or movement stillness his companion 

Inside his head the voices clamour seeking 

Like children to be heard above all others 

Yet the quiet one who shrinks catching his sight 

Or does tonight call for a sporting chase 

Hunt the stronger win through struggle? 

They will all fall where he places them 

Always he is justified saving them from obscurity 

He is angered that his work brings their faces 


The ones who are unknown he gave a face, a name 

Never grateful for his help with immortality 

One day he will stop when voices say enough 

Or when glassy eyes stop floating in dreams 

When the compulsion to help them is gone 

Although there is a long way to go for perfection 

And only he is putting himself last 

If they could see they were chosen, special 

Not victims but queens of his passion 

The blood pooling from the latest queen harvested 

He sighs at his sacrifice always his 

Work to be done once more 


Filter the view 

You look at me in black and white like a newspaper page 

Flat and with no shades 

Every little detail beginning to blend or disappear 

To a basic short itinerary 

Peel back the shades, leave the scent trails 

Left by someone faceless before you 

What can you really see? 

My verdant hills of lushest green high and forbidding 

Yet changed little over time 

My purple carpet with so many hues 

A flooring of purest amethyst  

My yellows brilliant and dazzling to the eye 

Citrine to pop among other gems 

Look a little closer and more colours you’ll see 

Like the red of the bloodstone 

Flowers and berries are all a part of me 

Can you see me properly? 

Have you picked out the jewels here for each to enjoy 

Please take care, let them endure. 

Give your admiration, awe and respect 

But as you found it leave it 

And tell others to be sure. 



Rainbow hunter 

Hunting in the shallows she waited hoping 

To catch the fish this time or even a glimmer 

It swam deeper sensing a needful presence 

She needed to know it could be caught 

Caressed a moment less than a heartbeat 

Set free again to do it’s thing 

She wanted only to look and wonder at it 

Up close to know if the scales were brilliant 

Like captured rainbows glowing in unison 

Or if it’s coat was murky grey and eyes dead 

Lifeless like the voice she sometimes thought she heard 

Or rich and melodic and full of the deep waters 

Gurgling and laughing 

She will return tomorrow to stand in the icy waters 

Feet planted apart on rocks and blue with cold 

Soles cut from the jagged edges which she ignores 

Too determined to notice 

Tomorrow then she will return and the next day until 

She sees if the origin of a rainbow and a pot of gold 

Really start and finish together 

Here in the cool mountain river.

©AilsaCawleyPoetry 2016