Fired up

The fires have been lit

And in awe we will sit

Marvelling at our world

As it newly unfurled

Fired up and ready to go.

The fire was well lit

And a shimmering glow

Is all that remains of it’s passion

A spark in the air as it floats

Towards the torch it has fashioned

From the air.

We wait for madness to end

Our tin gods to rot, descend

The embers glowing slightly

At the world they take lightly

Torn down around us

By those who live in pretend

Saying it’s a shame to end

The regime that they built

And they’re hiding under a quilt

Of lies and disrespect

But hey don’t worry

It’s all going so swiftly

They’ll be be right nifty

there’s no need to get fired up

Just hold out your begging cup.




Author: ailsacawley

I have written since I can remember, devouring the stories of Roald Dahl under the covers by torchlight. I have always loved fairy tales, myths and magic. A good deal of the things I write has some truth in it. Others, not. I’m pleased you dropped by, please feel free to leave me a comment or if you’re kind enough to share that’s fine. ☺️

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